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Trading system that works week in, week out.

I have created this website so that you can learn to use a profitable and yet simple system in trading any futures contract, stocks or forex, the system consists of 10 simple set ups that I call: Diamond Setups.

By using these setups you are about to learn, I have been profitable for 27 weeks in a row. The system is very easy to learn and has over 70% probability of success when traded properly using the proper risk management. In our trading room we do not force trades or over trade. We let the trades come to us. I have a predefined goal of 10 profitable ES points per week, but after you learn how to use the Diamond Setups you can be able to make much more than that, it'll depend on your trading ability.

When you sign up to the Diamond Setups website you will get:

  • Access to the website where you will immediately see the detailed documentation for the 10 setups
  • The system is really easy to use so you can start using it right away, just follow the instructions
  • you get access to our trading room for 30 days so that you can trade together with us and make questions about the system or any doubt about risk management and trading in general
  • You will see lots of examples with charts of past performance giving you a clear picture of how easy it is to use the system
  • You will see live trades on: ES, CL (Crude),  EURUSD and USDCAD 

Renato Santos - @RenaTrader - Futures Trader

So, don't wait any more, just click the "Sign Up Now" button below and start a totally new and profitable trading time.


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Renato Santos - Futures Trader specializing in the ES (E-mini S&P 500 Index Futures), 6E (Euro FX Futures), and CL (Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures) futures contracts

THE LOW DOWN ON Diamond Setups

Renato has created his own trading website on which new members can learn to use a profitable system in trading any futures contract that has been profitable 20 weeks running (12/10/2010). As I was auditing his site and system the one thing that stuck out to me was how patient Renato is in waiting for trades to present themselves. He has a very easy to learn trading system that has a 70% probability of success when traded properly using the proper risk management. Renato does not force trades or over trade. He lets the trades come to him. 3 trades in one day are not common 1-2 are the average. He has a predefined goal of 10 profitable ES points per week. Some weeks he does more some weeks he does less however his goal is very achievable. He also trades the 6E and CL when the trades present themselves using the same 10 Diamond Set Ups he looks for.


Renato has put together 10 simple easy to learn chart set ups that he calls the Diamond Setups. These are the 10 best trades setups that Renato has back tested and found to have a 70% probability of success when implemented properly with proper risk management. Without giving his system away they include candlestick patterns, important support/resistance, Fibonacci levels, measured moves, and new highs and lows. Renato calls these set ups out as they occur and teaches his system as he actively trades these set ups live in his chat room.


1. Simplicity

Simplicity because not only will Renato teach how to use the 10 Diamond Set ups in a very easy to learn step by step matter but he will also be taking the very same same set ups himself in real time right along with his subscribers in his live trading room that opens everyday at 8am Eastern Standard Time. I had the privilege of watching Renato set the trades up himself in his live trading room, walking his subscribers through exactly what he was seeing. Then providing entry levels, exit targets, along with stops, making adjustments that are needed with each new trade.

2. Robust

Robust because of all that comes with becoming a member at Diamondsetups.com Renato personally teaches his subscribers his 10 Diamond Setups. He has a live trading chat room that he personally leads and moderates. He provides live streaming charts with different time frames and with different futures contracts patiently waiting for a trade to present itself. Renato constantly teaches proper trade management and risk management. He teaches his subscribers the proper software set up in order to properly look for opportunities with his 10 Diamond Set Ups. Members are also provided Info & Tips, terminology, and chats transcripts. Renato is also accessible after every market close to provide one on one help and to answer questions for all his members.

3. Legitimate

Legitimate because Renato has been profitable 20 weeks running. For me the most important aspect is Renato is a successful trader first and teacher second. Why would anyone want to learn trading from someone who is not trading successfully themselves. He is right there with you taking the trades providing his thoughts and expectations of each new trade.

4. Transparency

Transparency because once again Renato provides all his trades to his members live in his trading room each day. Then he keeps a trading journal of his current and past performance on his website.


Chart Update

Chart updates because in order to see the updated charts members have to leave the trading room momentarily to get a view of what Renato is seeing. This is a very minor inconvenience and I am sure as Diamondsetups.com grows in popularity this issue will be addressed. That type of functionality costs money and Diamondsetups.com is in its infancy stage.

Skill Level Required

All Trading Levels

Since Renato walks his members through his trading method with a very easy manner and is a natural teacher anyone can learn his set ups. Renato is constantly teaching his new and seasoned members his trading system in real time with real trades. He displays full transparency of all his trades in his chat room and answers any and all email after the market closes. He has a very professional and respectful chat room that is disciplined and focused on making good trades for all his members.

In Renato's chat room he is the only moderator/mentor however there are others active members with varying levels of knowledge and experience who are actively engaged in the chat room providing there thoughts and color to what they are seeing in the markets.

All in all I highly recommend Diamondsetups.com for anyone who likes a 70% probability of success trading in the market. Renato is a very successful trader and good teacher who can help any new or struggling trader out there turn the corner. His subscription is very inexpensive for all he provides his members.

Click the "Sign Up Now" button below and start a totally new and profitable trading time.

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