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Emini Trading Signals (ES – S&P 500 futures) - Since 2010

Challenge account update (results from live trades taken in the trading room, entries and exits are psoted): 

** Jan: +16.67% ** Feb: +2.01% ** ** Mar: +42.33% ** ** Apr: +43.81% ** May: +27.04% (partial)

Previous Week’s and Years’ Results 

On last 209 traded weeks, 193 winners, 90%+ win ratio


2017 Weekly Score

Week#18 - 05/15 to 05/19/2017

+25.00 on FULL SIZE (per contract) (2 or 3 trades a day)

On previous week: +1.50 points

Total points in 2017 (per contract):

 Day trading: +153.50

19 traded weeks

16 winners

1 b/e

2 losers


Swing trading (May): +18 points ( 1 or 2 trades a week) (previous month: +67 points)

Overnight trading past week: +20.75 (levels are posted every night around 9 PM EST) (previous week: +7.00)


Previous years 

2016 Weekly Score


48 traded weeks 

47 winners (42 winners in a row)

1 loser

Total points in 2016 (per contract):

Day trading: +523.50

2015 Weekly Score

49 traded weeks 

47 winners (43 winners in a row) 

2 losers


2014 Weekly Score

49 traded weeks 

41 winners (24 winners in a row) 

8 losers


2013 Weekly Score

45 traded weeks 

43 winners (20 winners in a row)

2 losers


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The Diamond Setups is an ES trading signal service. 

Our focus is on trading and making $$$$ on a daily basis, consistently. 

Clears calls BEFORE the trade happens

Sign up today and start receiving real time trading levels on your mobile or in our trading room inside our website, see an example of a typical call:

 Call: *Long 2251* 

That means: Buy 2251.50-51.00 è STOP -2.25

Expect 70%+ of the trades to work.

Max STOP 2.75 ES points

1 to 6 trades a day (depending on the trading style you choose to follow)

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*I do understand that many traders are very skeptical at first, but trust me, the system is awesome, you will see it the first day you start trading with us, check our Testimonials page, I'm really proud and happy to be able to offer you a high quality service.


Renato Santos

Futures Trader

Notice: Not giving advice to buy or sell, just for educational purposes.

Trading Futures involves substantial risk & is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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