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Previous week's performance on ESZ6 (S&P 500 e-minis)

On last 191 traded weeks, 178 winners, 90%+ win ratio

2016 Weekly Score

Week#48 - From 11-28 to 12-02-2016  (main focus on APs this week, see below)

+4.00 on FULL SIZE (per contract) (this performance comes from day trades: 1 or 2 trades a day)

Week before:  +0.00 on FULL SIZE

48 traded weeks
47 winners
1 loser

Scalping System

Last week:  +30.75 (APs)  (this performance comes from scalping - 1 to 5 trades a day)

Best winning streak: 17 winning weeks in a row, (scalping)

Previous week: +24.00

Total points in 2016 (per contract):

Day trading: +523.50
     Scalping: +643.00 

2015 Weekly Score

49 traded weeks 
47 winners (43 winners in a row) 
2 losers

2014 Weekly Score

49 traded weeks 
41 winners (24 winners in a row) 
8 losers

2013 Weekly Score

45 traded weeks 
43 winners (20 winners in a row)
2 losers

I have created this website to help traders find their edge in the markets without having to spend a fortune during the so-called "learning curve", wish I had someone to help me when I started trading myself, I had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn these 10 setups I'm sharing with you now. 

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Renato Santos

Futures Trader

Notice: Trading Futures involves substantial risk & is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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